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Innovative Youth Challenge

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News created: 09 Jun 2011

The 6th annual Innovative Youth Challenge continues to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in high school students. Organised by Macquarie SIFE team, the 2011 competition again brought together a group of Sydney students and challenged them to find a solution to a real world business issue.

The challenge: create a marketing plan for Christian Community Aid to improve its engagement with the local community through the use of social media.

The prize: the opportunity to see their ideas come to reality.

The teams from Pymble Ladies College, Girraween High School, Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College and Gosford High School, were supported throughout the competition by their Macquarie student mentors and academics.

A day-long seminar was conducted by the Faculty of Business and Economics academics, Dr Chris Baumann and Dr Andreas Hellmann,  on marketing, accounting, presentation skills and entrepreneurship to help students kick start their research. A week later the students returned to meet their mentors for feedback and guidance on their plans.

The Challenge culminated with the Pitching competition on 17th May, were the teams presented their marketing plans to the General Manager of Christian Community Aid, Dr Baumann, Mr Hellmann and two executive members of SIFE. From family picnic days, weekly markets, tutoring services, Battle of the Bands competition, Apple apps, to new logos, facebook accounts and youtube competition, a whole range of creative ideas were presented.

The Innovative Youth Challenge is more than a business competition. It gives high school students an opportunity to see the theories learnt at school in real world context and instils in them the skills necessary to become socially responsible business leaders of tomorrow.

"IYC is the perfect opportunity for High School students to sniff some university campus air and get a feel for the university teaching style and the subjects on offer. I enjoy presenting marketing and branding to our visiting year 10 and 11 students and igniting a bit of a fire for these subjects. During the break I try to offer my advice on study options and careers in general, which the students always seem to appreciate. IYC is one of our most effective and sustainable outreach programs, and I am proud and grateful to be part of it" says Dr Chris Bauman, Senior Lecturer with the Department of Marketing and Management and SIFE Faculty Advisor.

Judged on feasibility, creativity, and realistic budget,  the Girraween High School and Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College were awarded the title of the 'Most Innovative Youths'. The teams will now work with SIFE and Christian Community Aid on the implementation of their solutions.

About SIFE

SIFE is an international non-profit organisation run out of universities, which works with business and community leaders to tackle real-world, social issues.

The SIFE Macquarie team creates and plans projects to motivate active student involvement in social responsibility, encourage environmentally sustainable business practices and to empower local and global communities.

Photos from 2011 Innovative Youth Challenge Final


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