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Karin Sanders Research Seminar

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News created: 19 Jan 2010

2010 SEMINAR SERIES presented by the

Department of Business and The Labour-Management Studies Foundation

TOPIC: Human Resource Management: Content versus Process

DATE: Friday 12 February 2010, 3 - 5pm

VENUE: Seminar Room, Level 6, Faculty of Business & Economics
Building E4A, Macquarie University
R 13 on Campus Map
(Parking at Macquarie Centre, Train Station: Macquarie University)

PRESENTER: Karin Sanders, Professor of Organisational Psychology at the University Twente, the Netherlands
  • No charge.
  • Refreshments will be provided.
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The focus of this presentation is to open the black box in the Human Resource Management - Firm Performance linkage. To explain this linkage two perspectives can be distinguished. There are mainly two views in investigating the impact of HRM on organizational performance. In the first, "best practice" view, research has concentrated on content - related questions as: what HR practices, such as selection and recruitment, performance appraisal, and pay, foster organizational performance? In the second view, researchers have shifted their questions from "what" to "how", and attention is paid to the process, or mechanisms, through which organizational performance can be achieved through HRM. Research on the how question, recognizes that HRM relates to organizational outcomes through the attitudes and behaviours of employees. In addition, recent studies suggest that employee perception and interpretation, providing a rationale for integrating sense making into the HRM - performance link, should be given a more prominent role within the HRM-performance debate (Bowen & Ostroff, 2004; Nishii, Leepak, & Schneider, 2008). Both views are presented and are related to results of research within Durch hospitals and Chinese five-star hotels.



bus Karin SandersKarin Sanders is Professor of Organisational Psychology at the University Twente, the Netherlands. Her research interests include the effects of the employees' perceptions of HRM, especially on the relationship between line and HR managers, on the attitudes and behaviour of employees. Furthermore she is interested in antecedents and effects of informal relationships (cohesiveness) between employees.


For further information about Karin, see her profile on the University Twente website.


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