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Arish Dutt awarded Deutsche Bank prize

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News created: 17 Jul 2012

Since 2009, The Faculty of Business and Economics has partnered with Deutsche Bank to offer an annual scholarship to one student who is currently in their first year of an Actuarial Studies program.

The recipient of this prestigious scholarship is selected on academic merit, however other factors such as the individual's interpersonal and leadership qualities are also taken into account.

We are proud to announce that the recipient of the 2012 Deutsche Bank scholarship prize is Arish Dutt.

Arish was chosen based on his ATAR score (which was over 98.5), his high academic performance in Session 1 in the Actuarial Studies program as well other factors including his:

  • extra-curricular activities
  • interpersonal skills
  • leadership qualities
  • personal qualities
  • and his genuine interest in a career in the investment banking industry.

As part of this prize, Arish received and completed a 4 week placement with Global Banking working alongside financial analysts and a generous scholarship.

We congratulate Arish on his fantastic achievement.

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Image: (L-R) Professor John Jarratt, Head of Department - Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies, Arish Dutt and Professor Mark Gabbott, Executive Dean - Faculty of Business and Economics.

Photo credit: Effy Alexakis 


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