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Corporate Governance Online Forum

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News created: 29 Sep 2011

As part of the Postgraduate Forum 2011, Macquarie University hosted "The importance of Corporate Governance for business."

The evening drew together the top minds in academia and industry on the subject with each panelist speaking on an issue relating to corporate governance and its role in today's global economy.

Audience members comprised of those either attending the event or viewing via a live stream. All audience members where invited to submit a question to the panel for discussion in the question and answer portion of the evening.

Panelists for the forum included:

  • Professor Philomena Leung - Head of the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance discussed:
    • Can ethical CEOs be effective?
  • Michael Quilter - Senor Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance discussed: 
    • Directors duties in the Corporations Act: legal framework for good governance
  • Alex Malley - CEO, CPA Australia discussed: 
    • Building a sustainable governance framework - the human factor
  • and Professor Paul Barnes, Visiting from Nottingham Business School discussed:
    • The financial crisis of 2007-9 in the US and UK: Were accountants to blame?
The evening was moderated by Amber Sherlock, from the 9 network, who helped ensure as many questions as possible were fielded and answered.

The evening was a fantastic success, and we encourage you to watch the online forum in it's entirety below:


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