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Hear from our graduates - Alfred Presbitero

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News created: 25 Aug 2011

ALFRED PRESBITERO_largeDoing my PhD at Macquarie University was a great experience! Macquarie University offers a wide range of support and assistance for PhD students. There’s a vibrant research culture which fosters collaborations and exchanges of ideas. The PhD supervision is noteworthy, having competent and outstanding academic staff. The administrative support is likewise commendable. There are plenty of resources available for PhD students including access to research facilities and a generous support for funding to do research and to participate in international conferences. There is also a good mix of international and local students bringing in exceptional kind of interaction among PhD students. Overall, Macquarie University is a great place to work (and to enjoy) a PhD!  

Research Supervisors

Dr. Peter Langford and Dr. Alison Barnes

Research Abstract

My research highlights the importance of achieving the cultural fit of management theories and models through testing and validation research. Specifically, the research investigated whether an Australian model of organisation development could be applied in the high-collectivist culture of the Philippines. The research utilised the “7 Ps” model of work practices and outcomes developed by Langford (2009). The findings demonstrated the cross-cultural validity and reliability of the “7 Ps” model. However, findings also revealed that the cultural dimension of collectivism could influence the interrelationship between the factors in the model. The research further investigated the dynamics of organisation development and change using the “7 Ps” model in the high-collectivist context of the Philippines. Overall, the research contributes knowledge in the areas of international management and organisation development and change.

Post PhD

Alfred has been offered a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at the Centre for Innovation Research in Cultural Intelligence and Leadership at the Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He will be working on Cultural Intelligence as an individual and firm level capability in the context of international business particularly the offshoring industry.


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