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News created: 08 Jun 2012

BUS304 is an elective unit for all BIB, BCom, and BBA students. This year the study tour will be a two-week field trip to China. Students will be provided with exciting opportunities to experience China and learn how this dynamic country manages to achieve high growth rate while the rest of world is experiencing economic downturn. In addition, the tour will include sightseeing visits to local tourist attractions on the weekends, giving students time to explore the historical and cultural sites surrounding Beijing and Shanghai and have an intellectually fulfilling and culturally stimulating experience.


36 credit points

Structure of the Unit

The unit consists of two parts: seminars at Macquarie University in the first half of the Second Semester 2012 and a two-week field trip to China during the mid-semester break, from 17th Sep. to 30th Sep. 2012.

Seminar topics

  1. Business environment in China
  2. Consumer markets in China
  3. Demographic changes and labour market in China
  4. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China
  5. Impacts of China on the world economy
  6. Australian exports to China and Australian business operation in China

The field trip to China (17th Sep. – 30th Sep. 2012)

Accompanied by Macquarie University staff and assisted by local hosts, students will visit Beijing and Shanghai to observe a range of businesses and organisations operating in China including Australian and multinational corporations, Chinese state-owned enterprises and newly emerged local businesses. Companies and organisations that were visited in the 2011 tour include: Austrade China, Lenovo, Baidu, Baosteel, Volkswagen, Huawei, OpHedge, Saicheng, Austcham, Suzhou Science and Technology Park, Fudan University and others.

Unit Assessment

Assessment for this unit consists of four components: (1) a 1,500-word individual essay based on recommended readings and seminars prior to the field trip (15%); (2) a 6,000-word group report and presentation based on experience of the field trip to China (60%); (3) Active participation in all field trip activities (20%); (4) Active participation in lectures (5%).

Tuition Fee

BUS304 is a three-credit unit. Standard tuition fee is applied.

Additional Travel Fees: To be advised.

The travel fees cover student’s return international airfare, hotel accommodations with breakfast at 3-star hotels in China, airport/train station transfers within China, domestic train/air travel between cities within China, local transportation within cities, and entry fees to all tourist sites in the itinerary.

Students who meet the general criteria of a GPA of at least 2.0 and who credit this unit towards their degree qualification are eligible to apply for a travel grant up to $1,000 from the Macquarie travel grant scheme.


To secure a place, students need to enrol and register by 27th July 2012. A registration form is available upon request to Dr. Yimin (Stephanie) Huang. Early expression of interests and registration is strongly recommended as the number of places is strictly limited.

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