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News created: 28 Oct 2011

We are proud to announce the introduction of a pioneering unit FOBE201 "Working with and employing people with disabilities."

The unit is the first of its kind and provides participant's with the opportunity to gain an understanding of the issues and obstacles faced by people with disabilities in the workplace.

You will have the chance to gain an appreciation of the unique contributions that people with disabilities make to the workplace through the practical workplace component.

You do not need to be a current Macquarie University or Faculty of Business and Economics student to enrol in this unit. Places are open to individual business employee's with a keen interest in improving social inclusion in the workplace.

Breaking down barriers

Sharon Kerr, Manager of Macquarie University Accessibility Services is only too aware of the disconnect that occurs as graduates with disabilities struggle to find employment. "These students are graduating with distinctions, often completing double degrees and are armed with the skills to become productive members of the workforce."

Sharon and her team understand that the most important way to break down social barriers is to arm  business leaders with the tools to become champions of social inclusion.

Learning from academic and industry leaders, you will have the opportunity to understand the importance and positive value that comes from an inclusive workforce.

Set yourself apart

This is your chance to set yourself apart by undertaking this pioneering unit. You will have the knowledge to help your potential employers overcome obstacles so that your workplace can be an inclusive environment.

Lead the way!

More Information

  • Contact: Sharon Kerr, Manager of Macquarie University Accessibility Services
  • Phone: 02 9850 1480.


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