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Mary Ayad facilitates $10 billion deal

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News created: 19 Sep 2011

While recently in Europe, Mary advised the top Spanish King's Counsel and the Secretary General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, advising them on the technical areas of Middle East investment laws.

Mary AyadShe also had a private meeting with Prince Faisal Al Turki of Saudi Arabia to discuss her research on the value of International  Arbitration Law in attracting investment and trust in the Gulf Arab countries.

A week after these two high profile meetings, the Spanish Railway company, Renfre, signed a $10 billion contract, the first of its kind, with the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mary's advice helped broker trust between the two Governments and gave the Spanish investors the confidence to go forward with this deal.

Mary's dissertation has yielded 29 newly drafted articles of law which could be immediately implemented in Saudi Arabia and she hopes that her research can continue to create confidence in investors and help attract more investments to the Gulf region.

Mary's success is a great demonstration of the cutting-edge and practical research that is being conducted at Macquarie University.

About Mary B. Ayad

Mary's PhD dissertation deals with investor-state arbitration between European investors and Middle Eastern governments. Her thesis is a comparative analysis of Common, Civil and Sharia law in the area of International Commercial Arbitration and International Investment Arbitration.

Mary has published:

  • 7 papers in learned journals on the area of International Investment and International Commercial Arbitration
  • 4 papers in the area of International Human Rights Law
  • and a number of jointly written case comments.

She has presented 8 papers in international conferences, given investor briefings, expert opinions to the press and attended dozens of International Arbitration Law conferences.

Mary recently won a highly prestigious prize in ICA law through the University of San Pablo and the Madrid Arbitration Centre, sponsored by KPMG. She was awarded 6000 Euros with the ceremony presided over by notable arbitrators, academics and the Secretary General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

Mary is supervised by Professor Peter Gillies and Dr Niloufer Selvadurai.


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