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News created: 11 May 2011

The range and diversity of Masters of business degrees is extensive and the choice of a suitable degree depends on a wide range of considerations. These can relate to:

  • your previous study history
  • career aspirations
  • the availability of suitable programmes.

Moving into management

Perhaps the biggest distinction between programmes is that of "generalist" and "specialist" business Masters degrees. The most popular "generalist" postgraduate business degree is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) which has become almost universal across the world. 

This is certainly the "default" option in the USA, although in Australia it has been challenged by the Master of Commerce and specialised business Masters degrees.

Professional Master of business degrees

At the "specialist" end of the scale there are a range of business Masters degrees which focus on industry and professional education, often with accreditation from professional bodies. Such programs include the:

These business Masters degrees are offered to those holding an undergraduate degree in the professional field, as well as those with a bachelor degree from an unrelated area who are keen to change career paths.

Specialist business study options

Contact-us-buttonw171Beyond those business Masters degrees which offer professional accreditation, there is also a wide range of specialised coursework Masters of business degrees. Business Masters degrees with coursework are for those who aspire to reach the highest levels of technical expertise and management for example:

  • Directors of Finance
  • Directors of Marketing
  • or Directors of Human Resources.

In this context, the:

are available. The Master of Applied Finance is offered through Macquarie University's Applied Finance Centre and is renowned as a world leading program.

PhD programs

If you aspire to undertake PhD studies some time in the future, then a Masters of business degree with a coursework component will have provided you with adequate research training and will qualify you for direct into our PhD program (given you also meet Macquarie's minimum entry requirements).

After spending a career involved in teaching in Masters programs across the world, Professor Greg Elliott has advice for those who are considering undertaking a Master of business program.

"In deciding on your degree and University, choose quality and reputation over price or expediency. In so doing, you'll make the right a choice and, of course, you'll be very welcome to join us at Macquarie University."


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