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Meet our Women's Conference 2012 MC

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News created: 26 Mar 2012

Womens conference 2012

Jenny Morawska has been appointed the Women, Management & Work Conference MC for 2012.

Jenny is the President and CEO of The Morawska Group aims to ensure the Conference will empower women to take control of their career by building on, and embracing, their full potential to become influential leaders in their field.

"This year we are aiming to inspire and encourage women looking to make their mark in corporate leadership to act on their strengths and be empowered to start making changes. It's not enough to just discuss why women should be involved in more leadership positions. We need to inspire and empower women to start doing." Ms Morawska believes.

The conference is hosted by the Centre for Workforce Futures. The new director of the Centre for Workforce Futures, Professor Ray Markey discusses the importance of the Conference given today's changing workplace dynamics.

"This conference gives voice to the many issues surrounding diversity and the changing dynamic in today’s workplace. Our research and academic input will give delegates an insight into the future of work and their place in it."

What you can expect

The Conference is specifically designed to provide:

  • practical and relevant advice on empowerment and negotiation
  • social networking
  • presentation skills
  • workplace diversity
  • networking
  • mentoring
  • and career development.
Topics to be discussed over the 2 days include:
  • the emerging future of corporate leadership
  • leveraging personal networks
  • as well as tips on how to become an influential and successful leader.


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