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Holocentric Internship

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News created: 12 Oct 2010

Developing a Winning Model for a Successful Marketing Career

Faculty of Business and Economics’ internship program is designed to give students a better understanding of the actual work context of their studies and assist them in their future employment prospects. Internship programs offer the opportunity to enhance technical skills, career prospects and provide valuable ‘real world’ knowledge and understanding.

Marketing student Katrina Wong spoke with us about her internship experience with Holocentric, an award winning modelling and collaboration tools software development company.

What attracted you to the internship?

I’d been working in an HR job for about eight months when I found out about the internship, but since I’m majoring in Marketing I was really looking for more experience in that field. The role at Holocentric was advertised as a combination of developing marketing campaigns and market research; I’d already had some experience with campaigns but market research was something new that I wanted to do as well, so the position sounded perfect!

What are you working on?

I’m putting my research skills to good use, finding and analysing information about target companies we want to pitch to, and researching broader trends in the utilities industry such as the aging workforce, the deregulation of the electricity market, the move towards clean, sustainable energy, and the different practices in various Australian states and overseas.

How are you fitting in your study and work?

I work two days a week and go to uni three days a week. As of yet I haven’t had any work I’ve had to do out of business hours so that leaves my evenings and weekends free to study and socialise! I’m studying two law subjects and two marketing subjects so there are a lot of readings to get through – sometimes I bring a textbook along to work to catch up on uni work during my lunch break!

What benefits do you see from getting involved in an internship?

It’s all about the work experience and developing business skills, but it’s also about the contacts you make! This is my second internship in marketing and I still keep in touch with the people I worked with in my first internship last year, whether it’s me asking them for advice, or vice versa! Especially in a field like marketing, as my old CEO used to say: “It’s not about what you know, or who you know... it’s about who knows you!”

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About Holocentric

Holocentric is the amalgamation of advanced software with extensive business modelling knowledge and experience.

Holocentric has years of expertise in business modelling and an international reputation to match. Holocentric assists organizations to achieve continual improvement through business modelling, system modelling and the development of robust Business Management Systems.

They excel in the development and sale of business modelling and web-based collaboration tools and related services. Their products connect business processes with business strategy and systems with the business processes.


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