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2010 Value Lecture Series

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News created: 09 Mar 2010

This year The Faculty of Business and Economics is introducing The Higher Degree Research Value Lecture Series examining the topic of "Value" delivered by senior academics within the faculty in the fields of economics, accounting, marketing, human resources, business law and actuarial studies.  These research talks will address such questions as:

Murray Listening 

            * How do we put a value on the arts?
            * What is the worth of diversity?
            * How do we evaluate expert evidence?
            * What is the value of a brand?
            * How is risk assessed?
            * What is the cost and value of academic research?

HDR Candidates Jess and BuiThe second lecture in this series is by Professor Chris Patel. Chris will talk about Cross-Cultural Accounting Value on the 14th April.Professor Patel PhD (Macquarie), CMA CA (Australia) is a Professor in The Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.  His research program adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to provide theoretical, methodological and empirical evidence on various aspects of judgments of professional accountants. Currently he is supervising six PhD students on various topics related to International Accounting. He has extensive university teaching experiences in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand and has acted as an adviser to Asian Development Bank, World Bank and World Heath Organization.

Professor David Throsby kicked off the series on the 25th February with his lecture on Cultural Value. This was a fabulous night with thought provoking discussion held on campus at the Macquarie University Art Gallery and combined with the HDR Students Welcome Evening.

Also presenting lectures in 2010 are Executive Dean Mark Gabbott (Brand Value), Professor Lucy Taksa (Social Value and Diversity), Professor Peter Gillies (Valuing Expert Evidence) and Professor Piet de Jong (Valuing Risk). These are free events run by the Faculty of Business and Economics, all welcome.

For more information, please contact the Associate Dean of Higher Degree Research, Cynthia Webster.


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