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With an International Business degree, the World is your Oyster

Student studying a business degreesWould you like to work abroad, travel to different countries or work with people from different cultures? Would you like a business degree that gives you a solid grounding in business and the opportunity to explore global issues? With International Business you can be a truly global professional.

About the International Business Course

International Business means doing business across borders and students study a range of courses aimed specifically at developing their capabilities to work in a variety of international business roles such as international management, international marketing, international finance and international negotiation.

Students also have the option to go on an International Study Tour or on exchange at one of over 200 partner schools in over 50 countries. International study grants are available for qualifying students. International business courses can be combined with other disciplines such as foreign languages, economics, law and sociology or with business courses such as marketing and human resource management. Students can also do a double major such as international business with finance or Chinese.

Specific Degree Information

International Business Skills

  • Accounting
  • Business policy
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Financial accounting
  • Managing sustainable global businesses
  • International business operations
  • International marketing
  • Introductory statistics
  • Microeconomic principles
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Statistical data analysis

Core courses in International Business

  • The Global Business Environment
  • International Business Operations
  • International Marketing
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • International Strategy
  • Global Business, Society and Environment
  • International Business Project

Where can you go?

International Business graduates can choose to work in virtually any business role but are particularly well qualified to work in areas where they can make use of their international business knowledge. Areas of employment may include:

  • Account executive
  • Associate management consultant
  • Business analyst
  • Business development officer
  • Communications officer
  • Financial officer
  • Human resource administrator
  • International recruitment consultant
  • Sales co-ordinator
  • Marketing analyst
  • Operations analyst
  • Marketing officer

How much can you earn?

Business graduates can expect competitive salaries that compare well to salaries within other fields. According to website NSW graduate salaries research for 2009, the average graduate starting salary is $45,000.


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