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Workshop Four, Session Two

Choice Modeling: Choose me! Choose me!

Presenter: Con Korkofingas

The internal psychological processes that guide people's behaviours and actions are almost always unobservable to the researcher. However, the outcomes of these internal processes are often revealed to some extent by choices people make that are observable. For example, we cannot observe directly how product or service satisfaction impacts on consumer evaluation of products and services but we can observe choices made by the consumer after a given product experience. Choice modelling is a tool that enables the researcher to analyse the impact of certain key stimuli (say product experiences) by observing people's choices. The number of choices observed and the range of stimulus changes can be increased significantly if choices are observed in a hypothetical setting. This session explores the basic concepts in choice modelling beginning with the foundations of choice modelling, basic design of hypothetical choice experiments and the analysis of choice modelling data. Examples from relevant literature are provided with participants given the opportunity to engage in and conduct simple choice experiments.