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New degree in 2012

The Bachelor of Marketing and Media is an interdisciplinary degree taught by widely published academics, professional marketers and award winning media producers. This is the first program of its kind in a New South Wales University.

“The program was developed in response to a growing awareness from marketing and media staff that there were strong overlaps in what we were teaching,” explains program coordinator Susie Khamis. “We thought there was a good opportunity to combine skills, concepts and knowledge in the one degree and have students that are interested in both marketing and

media graduate from Macquarie with a strong, holistic overview of both fields.”

Units of study

The degree is a combination of core and elective units from both the marketing and media programs. Core subjects include principals of management, marketing fundamentals, Australian media, media culture and introduction to digital media production.

The Bachelor of Marketing and Media will also feature a new capstone unit which will be taught by academics from both areas and will most likely be taken by students towards the end of their degree. “This unit will get them to reflect on the marketing and media program, consider how it has been scaffolded and how they will parlay the skills and concepts they have learned into their future.”

Duration of study

The Bachelor of Marketing and Media is a three year full-time program (or part-time equivalent). There is also the opportunity to do a four-year honours program. The four-year program allows students to undertake advanced marketing and/ or media research and participate in an extended media internship.


The half-year internship is designed to develop students’ skills and experience with relevant industry partners. “I am very excited about the internship because I have liaised with a number of industry representatives who have made it clear that one of the things that they find really attractive is graduates who have supplemented their academic learning with some kind of work experience.”

ATAR requirement

The ATAR will be slightly higher than what is currently required for the stand-alone Bachelor of Arts – Media (2011 – 85.40) and Bachelor of Commerce with a major in marketing (2011 – 83.60).

Who will this degree appeal to?

“We anticipate this degree will be highly attractive to a whole gamut of students,” says Khamis. “It will suit students looking to work in public relations, social marketing, software design, games development, movie making, market analysis and brand consultancy to name a few.

“We believe the Bachelor of Marketing and Media will be a real flagship program. We imagine there are lots of students coming out of high schools that imagine themselves in any of these dynamic, exciting, creative industries and are hoping this degree speaks to their interests.”

To find more about this new degree email Greg Elliott for marketing or Susie Khamis for media

This article first appeared in Connect, Issue 2, 2011


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