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New life for Postgrad Study

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News created: 20 Sep 2010

Professor Anne Ross-Smith Postgraduate study in the Faculty of Business and Economics is undergoing an exciting renewal. Professor Anne Ross-Smith, the new Director of Graduate Studies, has been tasked with implementing a range of new masters programs.

Professor Anne Ross-Smith has taken on the roles of Director of Graduate Studies as well as Professor of Management Learning. “My role in that sense is two pronged,” she says. “But the immediate priority for me is to implement a range of new masters programs in response to the white paper on postgraduate renewal and its principles around providing students with as much flexibility as possible.”

Professor Anne Ross-Smith comes to Macquarie after many years at the University of Technology Sydney where she was head of the School of Management. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the area of women in leadership.

“I have always been interested in the principles of feminism and women’s place in society,” she says. “My PhD was a study of women in leadership and this led into a wide-ranging study into the influence of the presence of women has on organisational cultures at senior levels.”

Professor Anne Ross-Smith, together with her colleague Dr Colleen Chesterman, received an ARC grant to conduct a nationwide study on the impact of women in organisational culture. This study covered the public, private and tertiary sectors. “It was a massive study. We conducted 265 interviews around Australia and today seven years after we completed collecting data, publications are still coming out of this study.”

Professor Anne Ross-Smith’s research of recent years has looked at the role of women on corporate boards. “This has been a red hot topic in the media for the past 12 months as the ASX is talking about bringing in guidelines relating to the appointment of women,” says Professor Anne Ross-Smith. “Senior leadership on boards is one area where women remain severely under-represented.” She is currently working with Associate Professor Peter McGraw on the 2010 EOWA Census of Women and Leadership.

Professor Anne Ross-Smith’s main priority for now is focusing on the drive to promote Business and Economics’ postgraduate courses. “My long-term strategic vision for the role is to really address the recruitment and marketing of our postgraduate programs,” she says. “We will conduct high-profile local and international activities, host events and visit postgraduate fairs.” She is also committed to building research and scholarship in business and management education in the Faculty.

For further information on postgraduate study in the Faculty of Business and Economics visit postgraduate courses page. 


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