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PhD Completion

The Faculty of Business and Economics celebrates four new PhD completions. Zhiming Cheng, Julian Inchauspe, Alan Kilgore and Laura Prota have all tackled complex, global and topical areas in their research and made significant contributions to their fields. 

Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance’s Senior Lecturer Alan Kilgore examined “The Relative Importance of Audit-Team and Audit-Firm Factors in Perceptions of Audit Quality”. The examiners praised the thesis as being very thorough, clearly demonstrating Alan’s understanding of a complex issue and his capacity to make considered judgments. They applauded the creative addition to prior research and the unique approach using adaptive conjoint analysis. All three examiners agreed that the research is eminently publishable in high quality refereed journals. Alan was supervised by Professor Graeme Harrison and Associate Professor Renee Radich. 

Zhiming, Julian and Laura completed their PhD with the Department of Economics.  

Zhiming examined the ‘Urban poverty among laid-off workers in the Chinese State Enterprise Reform’. He has been commended for his extensive research, utilising both Chinese and international sources. Zhiming’s multi-dimensional analysis of poverty has provided considerable insight into the reality of poverty experienced by a significant portion of the Chinese population. Zhiming was supervised by Associate Professor Melanie Beresford and Associate Professor Fei Guo

Supervised by Associate Professor Tony Bryant and Associate Professor Roselyne Joyeux, Julian researched the ‘Economics of Self-fulfilling currency crises’. Julian’s research was highly praised as “remarkable” and “the balance and integration of innovative theoretical and empirical approaches is impressive...thus extending knowledge on currency crises in several directions”. Julian’s ability to explain the complex and difficult economic problems “in mathematical and in simplified descriptive terms, demonstrate[ed] a mastery of the literature and originality in its application”. 

With her ‘Analysis of exchange networks in transition; land, rice and labour markets in southern Vietnam’, Laura Prota provides a highly original and innovative critique of conventional economic analyses of the rice, land and labour markets in two provinces of the Mekong River delta and their outcomes. Supervised by Associate Professor Melanie Beresford, Laura provides a new and realistic explanation of both the organisation of production and exchange and the persistent social inequalities that characterise the delta region. She has made an important contribution to the development of Australian expertise on rural economic development in Southeast Asia as the thesis provides new and important insights into the post-reform economic and social development of Vietnam’s most important agricultural region. These new insights should lay the foundations of a very productive research program on agricultural transformation, not only in Vietnam, but they also contain the potential to transform our understanding of co-ordination and governance of agricultural markets elsewhere.

The Faculty congratulates Alan Kilgore, Zhiming Cheng, Julian Inchauspe and Laura Prota on their PhD completions. 


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