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Public Sector Management

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News created: 17 Nov 2010

Play a role in shaping your society

Macquarie University’s Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Public Sector Management delivers strong theoretical and practical skills to develop a successful management career in the public sector.

Public Sector agencies are often focused on formulation, monitoring and reporting progress on programs and policies to deliver services to the community. Roles in public sector can involve challenging assignments such as:

  • policy development
  • providing advice to government ministers, industry and community leaders
  • developing and delivering public sector programs and services
  • communicating with other government and community agencies
  • management of public sector organisations and their people
Public sector managers face many similar challenges as those faced by private industry managers. However, there is a higher level of scrutiny, accountability and more emphasis on the impact on community.

Macquarie’s Public Sector Management major delivers practical, topical and relevant management skills for the complex and changing public sector environment. The skills developed go beyond the traditional business management courses. The Faculty of Business and Economics teaching strategies incorporate computer simulations, guest speakers and community engagement along with the traditional lectures and tutorials

What do you study?

Public Sector Management is one of ten majors belonging to Macquarie’s Bachelor of Commerce. Students may choose to study the BCom with a single major in Public Sector Management or do a double major. Both options amount to the same workload and are over 3 years full time. Popular combinations may include Public Sector Management with Demography, Economics or Marketing.

Students study a variety of general and specific subjects within the Bachelor of Commerce, including

  • Accounting information for decision making
  • Australian governments and public policy
  • Business demographics
  • Business ethics and risk management
  • Business law
  • Business organisation principles
  • Change management and sustainability
  • Introduction to human resources
  • Leadership in management
  • Principles of marketing
  • Techniques and elements of finance
  • Workplace relations

Where can you work?

One in every six jobs in Australia is located in the public sector. State governments account for three quarters of these jobs but there are also 160 000 positions in the Australian Public Service nationally. Outside of government, there are further opportunities in major companies, industry and community organisations that relate closely to government, and in consulting.

Roles are diverse and include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Policy Officer
  • Project Officer
  • Researcher
  • Review Officer
  • Strategic Analyst

How much can you earn?

Starting salaries for graduates vary between each Public Service and usually also across departments and agencies. As a guide, graduates could expect to begin their first year of employment with a salary in the range $50 000 – $60 000. Entry is often through a Graduate Program, which includes job rotation and further training, with salary advancement on completion.

Substantial career progression is possible into management and executive levels.


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