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Lecture on 'Customer Value'

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News created: 04 Jun 2010

By Professor Mark Gabbott

This year the Faculty of Business and Economics is introducing a public lecture series examining the topic of “Value” delivered by senior academics within the faculty.

Photo of Mark GabbottIn the third lecture of the series, Executive Dean and Professor Mark Gabbott addressed the topic of Customer Value (watch video). The term 'Customer Value' has been at the core of marketing practice for some years, however it has received only superficial consideration in the academic literature. In both practice and academic domains it has suffered from multiple and often conflicting definitions, confusion around measurement, and a lack of connection with strategy and operations. The presentation explained the basis of customer value, some guidance as to how it can be measured and presented a methodology to ensure that customer value is central to how marketing is viewed.   

This lecture was held on Wednesday 23rd June 2010.

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