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Our researchers awarded best economic paper prize

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News created: 13 Nov 2012

Economic Record

We congratulate our researchers from the Department of Economics, Dr Chris Heaton, Dr George Milunovich and Anthony Passe-de Silva on their stellar achievement, having been awarded in September 2012 the Best Paper Prize in the Economic Record in 2011 (vol. 88, no. 282, March), for their paper, "International Commodity Prices and the Australian Stock Market."

The Prize was awarded at the Annual Conference of Economists in Melbourne in October, and was judged by:

  • Professor Gangadharan (Monash University)
  • Professor Robertson (University of Western Australia)
  • and Professor Vahy (Australian National University)

"to be the very, very best" research paper in 2011.

There were 114 papers submitted to the Economic Record in 2011 by researchers from the best economics departments around the world - including many domestic universities, with 51 being published. The Economic Record is the premier economic journal in Australia and is highly regarded internationally.

"The award validates our research interests in terms of relevance and quality and we are extremely honoured to have been awarded the best paper prize. Given that Economic Record is the premier economic journal in Australia and is highly regarded internationally, this is a very significant award for any economist." Chris Heaton and George Milunovich state.

Anthony Passe-de Silva adds, "For me, receiving this award is a very special honour following a great time of learning at Macquarie University."

Associate Professor of Economics, Dr Tony Bryant adds, "I know I speak for many people in the department, faculty, University and profession when I say how pleased I am that this honour has come the way of these young researchers. Those of us who know Chris, George and Anthony will not be surprised by this stellar achievement - because we know how good they are. However, that should not blind us to the magnitude of their astonishing achievement."

This is a fantastic achievement for our researchers, the faculty and the University and highlights that Macquarie University's Department of Economics is a true leader in the field.


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