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Professor Chris Patel to advise Norwegian government

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News created: 06 Oct 2011

Professor Chris Patel was recently appointed by the Norwegian government to The Research Council of Norway.

Professor Chris PatelAs 1 of 3 international experts appointed in the area of "accounting and management control," Professor Patel will have the joint responsibility of assessing the quality of grant applications and then awarding research funds based on the merit of each project.

Why Professor Patel and Macquarie?

Professor Patel's appointment by The Research Council began via an email he received from the Norwegian government. Specifically, he was contacted as a result of the information on his staff profile page on the faculty website!

The government administrators having seen the number of international student PhD's he was supervising, along with the various publications and awards Professor Patel has received understood him to be an expert in this arena.

The strong international expertise of the faculty in accounting (specifically in the areas of China and Germany) also led to his appointment. This further highlights the significant reach the research undertaken by the faculty can have and the ongoing importance of continuing to build our reputation.

Professor Patel hopes his involvement will open doors for ongoing collaboration between faculty staff and the country.

The government's goal

The Research Council serves as an advisory body on research policy issues, identifies research needs and recommends national priorities.

Working with a defined criteria from the Norwegian government, Professor Patel and his international colleagues will assess grant submissions based on a specific defined criteria, including:

  • scientific merit of the project
  • are the set project objectives and hypotheses clear and realistic
  • is the project incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach.

Once these research projects are completed, the government hopes to better understand how it can turn research findings into policy actions.

We congratulate Professor Patel on his appointment.


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