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The Sydney Fish Market Internship

Faculty of Business and Economics third year students Tessie Giordimania and Basak Yildiz gained an exciting insight into the life of a Special Events Assistant with their recent internship at The Sydney Fish Markets. The internship was organised through the Department of Business and gave the girls an opportunity to spend two months assisting The Sydney Fish Market Events Team with the planning and co-ordination of the ‘For the Love of Seafood Festival’. The festival was held in October as part of the Sydney International Food Festival.

Working for the largest seafood market in the Southern Hemisphere and the world’s second largest seafood market in terms of variety, Tessie and Basak experienced first-hand the exciting and fast paced world of event management.

We spoke to Tessie and Basak, both third year marketing students and asked about their internship experience.

Basak Yildiz_Tessie_Sydney Fish Market

Basak Yildiz (Left) and Tessie Giordimaina (Right)
have recently successfully completed the 2010
marketing internship with The Sydney Fish Market.

What attracted you to the internship?

Tessie Giordimaina (TG): Being my third year of study, I needed some experience related to my field of study and saw it as an advantage to graduate with work experience. Also my love for Seafood!!

Basak Yildiz (BY): Being a third year student, I believed that this would have been a great experience before I graduated and something I can put on my resume.

What type of projects/ tasks did you work on?

TG: The main focus of the internship was the public event that was to be held on the 23rd October. I assisted in a variety of tasks including the production of communication materials, coordination of entertainment sessions, talent and sponsorship arrangements, event set up, customer relations and various other event management activities.

BY: Writing professional briefings for other interns, the entertainers and other people involved in the Festival; Creation of the Festival signage and banners; Set up the stage for the Festival; Organising and co-ordinating the entertainment on the day of the Festival.

What benefits do you see from getting involved in an internship?

TG: The benefits are endless! Internships are an opportunity to gain “hands on” experience in your field of study. I believe studying your course of interest at university is much different to actually working in it and being a part of a professional environment, thus an internship is necessary to ensure the right career path.

For other students applying for an internship I believe it is an opportunity that should not be missed. Work experience and internships show personal drive and are an effective way of differentiating yourself from other graduating students. Additionally, employers are definitely impressed ...and you begin your professional career with skills and confidence!!

BY: I think it is an advantage to be a part of an internship, as it provides you with firsthand and hands on experience. It being unpaid and during university also puts pressure on you as it is hard to juggle full –time studies with your normal job, responsibilities and an internship. However, this allows you to push yourself beyond what most people can achieve and hence differentiates you from most people.

Overall internship experience?

TG: If I were to rate it out of 10... I would give it 10! It made me certain that my chosen field of study is definitely the career for me!

BY: It was all worth it. Being involved in something that I had no idea about and adapting as quick as I did gave me confidence in myself and what I could really achieve. It brought out qualities in me that I had not realised, being able to adapt to the situation, as it was a dynamic environment. Things do not always go according to plan; therefore you have to be ready to take on what you have to when the situation arises. This whole experience made me realise that the ‘small details’ is what creates quality in any work or festival that you plan.

Faculty of Business and Economics Internship Program

The Faculty of Business and Economics’ internship program allows students to gain industry experience and receive academic credit at the same time. It is designed to give students a better understanding of the actual work context of their studies and assist them in their future employment prospects. Internship programs offer the opportunity to enhance technical skills, career prospects and provide valuable ‘real world’ knowledge and understanding.

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