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GlaxoSmithKline Industry Based Learning Program

Now in its fourth year, an exclusive partnership between Macquarie University and leading international pharmaceutical and healthcare provider GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) provides students with a unique opportunity to combine university study with real world experience before graduating.

The PACE Program offers Macquarie undergraduate students access to an Industry Based Learning program in partnership with leading international organisation GSK.

Working full-time at the GSK Consumer Healthcare Head Office in Ermington, students study part-time to receive credit for their internship experience and are paid through a university based scholarship allowing them to concentrate fully on gaining the most from their time at GSK and enjoying the experience.

The 12 month program provides Macquarie University students with the opportunity to work in a fun, friendly and supportive environment while gaining invaluable hands on work experience that will build on their university learning and complement their future careers.

After an exhaustive application process, 9 undergraduate students were selected for the 2014 placement which commenced in January this year:Interns at GlaxoSmithKline

  • Alexander Meredith - HR Co-ordinator
  • Frazer Cooper - Sales Associate - Field Operations
  • Lauren Wehbe - Finance Associate
  • Ashley Giang - Finance Analyst - Sales
  • Lewis Muscat - Sales Associate - Independents & New Business
  • Neha Chopra - Pharmacy Accounts Planning & Support
  • Karl Buchner - Category Associate
  • Alexander Weir - Digital Marketing
  • Kristen Gillies - Brand Marketing Associate

The FBE PACE team visited the GSK interns on Wednesday 25th June 2014 to view students' presentations, which reflected on their experience at GSK thus far.

Here is what some of our 2014 interns have had to say about their GSK experience:

"To date, GSK's IBL program has been one of the hardest but also one of the most rewarding experiences! The exposure and deep-dive into such a large, global company allows me to use the theory I have learnt and put it into action."
– Alexander Meredith. (HR Co-ordinator)

"In my time here in Shopper Marketing at GSK, I have already engaged and participated in numerous activities that many with my level of previous work experience would not have had. The work experience and networking opportunities have given me an irreplaceable portfolio of skills and industry contacts, not to mention a chance to prove my skills within the field of Marketing."
– Karl Buchner (Category Associate)

"The experience has been pretty surreal with a steep learning curve. I have had the opportunity to learn and been exposed to a lot of things that are not brought up or even mentioned at university. "
– Alexander Weir (Digital Marketing)

"My IBL experience at GSK thus far has been very positive and promising. GSK is a company with a heart; they care about their employees, they 'give back' to the community and they are a great bunch of people to be around. I would recommend such an experience to anyone. They invested in my training and development, trusted me from the very beginning and supported me every step of the way."
– Neha Chopra (Pharmacy Accounts Planning & Support)

"The IBL program has given me a firsthand insight into the business environment of one of the world's largest multinational corporations. Cross- functional experience has meant I have gained experience in areas both in line with what I'm studying and wider areas of the business. My time at GSK has ultimately exposed me to a plethora of people and experiences and allowed me to develop my skills and capabilities."
– Frazer Cooper (Sales Associate - Field Operations)


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