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The Macquarie connection

Like many Macquarie graduates, Jonathan Yeo has found career success in his profession of accounting.

His exposure to Macquarie University first came about during his time as a local school student, when he would come to the University for excursions and to use the library facilities for study.

"I was impressed with the grounds, and the modern facilities. This is when I first thought that I would like to study here when I graduated high school."

Why Macquarie?

Having seen how his older sister, Joy, was enjoying her Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) degree from Macquarie, helped affirm Jonathan's opinion that he should also study here. Along with Macquarie's prominent reputation, specifically for the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree, Jonathan made the decision to study at Macquarie. 

Jonathan was accepted into the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) program at Macquarie, and began full time employment at Pitcher Partners whilst studying.

"The flexibility and availability of the units offered meant I could balance my work and study commitments."

The success begins

Jonathan is now a Chartered Accounting (CA) and manager at Pitcher Partners (an accounting, auditing and advising firm) who oversees a pool of approximately 30 staff members.

"I appreciate the practical, real life skills I learnt in my accounting degree and this helped to equip me for success later in life."

He is also part of the ICAA Young Professional's Panel, New South Wales, who look to shape the role of young CA's in the New South Wales business community.

Jonathan is passionate about recruiting and mentoring the accountants of the future.

"As a manager, graduates I interview and hire from Macquarie are work place ready - and I believe this is because of the practical aspects offered in the degree."

A continuing connection

The Yeo family connection to Macquarie University continues, as Jonathan and Joy's younger sister Jocelyn is now a current student studying the Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing).

"Our career success following our graduation was an influencing factor in Jocelyn's decision to study at Macquarie."

Jonathan actively keeps in touch with many students he met during his time at Macquarie, many who he believes will be life long friends.

"It's great that we now get to share in each others success, and although we are now working in different parts of the world - we are all bonded from our time together at Macquarie."

Hear Jonathan speak about the benefits of a career in accounting.


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