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Dean's Excellence Awards 2014

Staff Awards by Department

Photography by Effy Alexakis of photowrite.

Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

Dr Michael Quilter
Research Excellence (ECR)

Michael’s research has 2 distinct paths. One involves the relationship between bankruptcy, its historical development and literature. His articles, published in quality journals, range from the Roman Republic to Shakespeare to the current role bankruptcy plays in establishing order. His other research focus is corporate governance and regulation. He is the author of Company Law Perspectives, and during the past twelve months has made regular and incisive media contributions on topical corporate issues. He has published widely in law and has been a key person to consult in respect of corporate legal matters.

Dr Sharron O’Neill
Research Impact (ECR)

Dr Sharron O'Neill is recognised with the award for Research Impact (Early Career Researcher) for her achievements in particular over the past year. Her research on work, health and safety reporting has demonstrated international, national and significant institutional impact by informing government policy, through the media, providing expert advice to government and industry, keynote presentations at national and international conferences, and through influential academic and policy publications. In addition, her research has attracted over $200,000 research income.

Dr Verity Greenwood
Excellence in Student Experience

Dr Verity Greenwood is recognised with the award for Student Experience in particular for her contributions over the past twelve months. Verity is recognised for instigating an innovative, integrative and interactive Student at Risk (StAR program) and reflective consultation strategy that empowers, motivates and inspires students’ learning, in the subject BUSL250. The quality of this improvement was recognised by her students, and the Faculty received effusive feedback from multiple students on the quality of their experience in this subject.

Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies

Assoc. Prof Anne Cooper
Excellence in Program Development 

Associate Professor Anne Cooper recognised with the award for Program Development in particular for her contributions over the past twelve months.  Anne demonstrated exemplary dedication to the Applied Finance Centre, the Department of Applied Finance & Actuarial Studies and the Faculty, through her contribution to and leadership in implementing changes to the Master of Applied Finance program required by changes to the Australian Qualifications Framework. This included the development of a new academic program and recognition of prior learning structure, identification of new and changed units, leadership in the specification and development of those units, and identification of operational issues in Australia as well as offshore that will arise from the new structure. In addition, she is cited for her work in adapting the Master of Applied Finance program to a dual degree structure to be taught in Shanghai in conjunction with East China Normal University.

Assoc. Prof Sue Wright
Service to Academia

Associate Professor Wright is recognised with the award for Service to Academica, particularly in the last twelve months. Sue demonstrated exemplary service to the Department and Faculty in her role of Acting Head of Department from July 2012 to September 2013. Having taken on the role at short notice, throughout the period she worked in a collegiate and consultative manner respected by her colleagues, but also displayed leadership in the manner in which she engaged in a number of important tasks of high importance to the Department and Faculty. In particular, while maintaining her existing research, supervisory and service responsibilities, she led the process of recruiting 3 new Level B positions, from gaining approval through to interviews, she led the response to the BAppFin External Review within the Department, she was responsible for the creation of the Department Industry Advisory Board, and she organized the 2013 PhD Expo for Applied Finance & Actuarial Studies, and Economics.

Department of Marketing and Management

Assoc. Prof Nick Parr
Research Impact

A/Prof. Nick Parr is recognised with the award for Research Impact for his achievements in particular over the past year. His research on the effects of family on fertility rates and workforce participation has assisted the formation of public policy and significant impact in public debate on the issue through significant government reports, media coverage, and regularly cited in federal government legislative policy on family assistance. His research has had academic impact with a number of highly cited scholarly journal articles. In addition, A/Prof. Nick Parr has participated in a number of successful grants, earning  research income.

Prof Ray Markey
Research Excellence

Professor Ray Markey is recognised with the award for Research excellence, for his achievements over the past three years. His areas of expertise include employee voice and participation, occupational health and safety, and work/life balance. In 2013 he held four external grants, with a combined value of $275,000.

Dr Troy Sarina
Student Experience

Dr Troy Sarina is recognised with the award for excellence in student experience for his contributions over the past twelve months. In particular he is recognised for his work as Honours Coordinator, strengthening the program and improving the seminar series. He is also recognised for his valuable contributions to first year student experience and student experience in undergraduate human relations management.

Department of Economics

Dr Joseph Macri
Contribution to the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

Dr Joseph Macri is recognised with the award for Contribution to the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching for his work in the area, in particular over the past twelve months.  Joseph is a co-editor of the Australian Journal of Economics Education which is based at the University of Queensland.  Joseph manages and referees manuscripts for the journal which report the latest research findings in the area of online teaching, an area of focus of Joseph’s research. In 2013, Joseph and a co-author published a paper in the Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, based at the University of Wollongong, under the title “Does Time Spent Online have an Influence on Student Performance? Evidence for a Large Business Studies Class”. They found that the time spent by students’ utilizing the online content, in an upper undergraduate large business unit, was associated with higher student assessment performance, although the use of the online discussion facility did not seem to significantly enhance performance.

Centre for Financial Risk

Prof Stefan Trueck
Excellence in Research Supervision

Professor Stefan Trueck is recognised with the award for Research Supervision, as the supervisor of the most PhD completions in the past 3 years. Stefan has supervised a range of students from diverse backgrounds in both Applied Finance and Economics Research. He is recognised by current and former students for his mentorship and dedication to providing valuable feedback. 


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