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Dean's Excellence Awards

The Dean's Excellence Awards was initiated to celebrate the achievements of students within the Faculty of Business and Economics.

This year, the awards evening will was held at The Maritime Museum on the 16th May and brought together our students, academics and industry partners to acknowledge the accomplishment of our high achieving students for 2012.

Overall, 2012 proved to be a commendable year for our students with over 500 merit awards given to our high achievers. Some outstanding academic achievements for the year were:

  • 303 students received a GPA between 3.75 - 3.99
  • 122 received a GPA of 4.0, which is a perfect score
  • 145 were awarded department certificates for achieving top marks in business and economics units.

This year, there are approximately 60 industry sponsored awards from various organisations including:

These prizes comprise of monetary contributions, internships, vouchers and are awarded to the top students in various business and economics units.

Guest speakers for the evening:


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