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Melissa Airs awarded Honours Writing Fellowship

The opportunity to complete the Honours program within the Faculty of Business and Economics was one that Melissa Airs decided to embark on with the hopes of enhancing her career prospects and landing a dream job in her chosen field of marketing.

"I wanted to gain hands-on experience and be able to get an edge over other candidates in the job market, so I decided to complete an Honours year following my Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) degree to extend upon my theoretical knowledge."

Upon beginning the Honours program, Melissa began the task of brainstorming possible ideas for her thesis. With a strong interest in digital marketing she began reviewing existing literature and with the help of her Honours Supervisor, Associate Professor Lawrence Ang, she was able to discover gaps in digital marketing research which eventually led to her thesis focal point -"Facebook: Avoiding the Ad Avoidance Blues."

With the increasing popularity of social networking sites amongst consumers, Melissa focused her thesis on the effects of content and user profile images upon Facebook ad-avoidance and brand metrics.

As the year went on, Melissa admits the challenge of staying motivated became difficult, but with the support of academics, peers and her supervisor, her thesis came to life.

"Associate Professor Ang certainly ensured my Honours experience was fulfilling and enjoyable by providing me with first-hand practical insights and always maintaining a high level of enthusiasm and interest in the progression of my thesis."

Melissa was awarded an Honours Writing Fellowship in 2012 from the Faculty of Business and Economics. This involved developing and preparing a version of her thesis for submission to a targeted journal.

Melissa graduated from Macquarie in 2011 with First Class Honours in Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing). She is now working in the marketing industry and believes the Honours program enhanced her analytical skills, research experience and self-confidence.

"The freedom to be able to design my own study and conduct real research was an unparalleled experience and gave me the skills to not only land my dream job but possibly undertake further studies in the future."


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