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Our new degree, the Bachelor of Marketing and Media wins praise

Technological advances continue to present new and exciting challenges in today's modern business environment.

This is especially true for the media and marketing industries – where there has been an increasing overlap between these 2 areas.

With this in mind, a new degree the Bachelor of Marketing and Media was launched in 2012.

The Bachelor of Marketing and Media is the first of its kind in New South Wales and aims to give students an understanding of marketing strategy, analysis, and brand management. This is coupled with access to the highest quality media studies facilities in Australia, which include:

  • professional studio spaces
  • industry standard digital workstations
  • a specially equipped theatre
  • and digital production tools.

Students are also able to undertake an internship as part of their study, which offers them the opportunity to gain real-world experience.

Rhiannan Villano and Rosa-Clare Willis, 2 students currently enrolled in the degree, spoke about their experience so far as well as their future aspirations.

Rhiannan was always interested in advertising, television and media. When she discovered Macquarie's new degree – the Bachelor of Marketing and Media, she knew this was the right choice for her.

"When I found out that Macquarie offered a course that looked at both areas but more importantly aimed at teaching me how they intermingled, it was my first choice to enrol."

After successfully completing her first year of study, where she enjoyed "sampling all aspects of the degree," Rhiannan now looks forward to gaining relevant industry experience through her internship.

Rosa-Clare Willis was looking for a degree that could complement her creative side, whilst also having a business related focus.

"I knew immediately that the Bachelor of Marketing and Media was the perfect degree for me, as it had the perfect combination of business and media, and as I have learnt, the 2 complement each other greatly in this modern world."

Reflecting on her first year in the degree, Rosa-Clare found her biggest challenge to be the unit on statistics. She credits the support of fellow students and staff in helping her pass the unit.

"I had to persist and study hard to make it through statistics – but with the support of my fellow students and my tutors and lecturers, I made it through."

Now in her 2nd year of the Bachelor of Marketing and Media, Rosa-Clare is looking forward to the student exchange program where she will be heading to Canada in Session 2.

"The co-ordinators of this degree always make opportunities for everyone to come together, whether that is for a workshop or just a lunch to discuss networking and we feel very privileged to be part of such a wonderful and innovative degree."

Both Rhiannan and Rosa-Clare agree that "there is no other degree quite like the Bachelor of Marketing and Media."

Learn more about our innovative degree, the Bachelor of Marketing and Media.

Image: Rosa-Clare Willis, currently studying the Bachelor of Marketing and Media.


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