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Traders of Macquarie University won 2014 iAwards

Teaching to have an impact on students' life is a challenging task. As online education progresses, the interaction that is available in the classroom must also be available to external students. For the Master of International Business, the Faculty of Business and Economics has developed a game to help introduce how international trade works and how trade influences the development of a country.

The Traders of Macquarie University project team has introduced topics such as supply and demand, trading, and tariffs.

We are excited to announce that last week at the NSW 2014 State iAwards Gala event, Traders of Macquarie University was awarded the NSW iAward for Education. The award recognises the most successful and innovative application of ICT in education and training. iAwards honours companies atthe cutting edge of technology innovation and is hosted by ACS, AIIA and Pearcey. Macquarie University will now go on to represent NSW in the National iAwards competition.

Traditionally, teaching international trade can be a very dry subject. Through gamification we wish to transform the way we teach in this unit. Playing the game will give you an interactive learning experience and a great discussion topic for class. As a multi-player online game it allows students to represent a country and experience almost authentic emotions triggered by inequalities in world trade, such as greed, frustration, powerlessness, desire to escape poverty, amongst others.

With Dr Mauricio Marrone, lead designer of the game, receiving the prize on the 25th of June and Professor Leigh Wood providing generous support and enthusiastic guidance as project owner, we would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to the entire project team. We will all have our fingers crossed for the national iAwards later this year.


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