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John Edwards on the future for retails jobs in Australia

Created: 26 Aug 2013

John Edwards was mentioned in a Power Retail article: What is the Future for Retail Jobs in Australia?

Publication: Power Retail
Title: What is the Future for Retail Jobs in Australia?
Date: 14 August, 2013


"From an educational level, there is high interest in how the internet is used in business – either as a marketing/sales point of view or e-commerce (particularly B2B and B2C). I can see enrolment in internet-based courses growing over the next few years, and delivered online."

"While B2C e-business has been around for a while now (20 years) for organisations to start now, using existing business models, is too late. The next stage requires major INNOVATION – and not just for the IT area – but including management, partnerships, alliances, development of products and services, the use of intermediaries and direct channels. And of course, the role out of the NBN and considering how and what we are going to use this for will surely have a major influence on the direction of things to come."

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