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Dr Louise Thornthwaite was referenced in a Sydney Morning Herald article

Created: 07 Feb 2014

Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Title: Learning from a new perspective
Date: 5 February, 2014
Author: Kilmeny Adie

Dr Louise Thornthwaite from the Department of Marketing and Management was referenced in a Sydney Morning Herald article, speaking about the new Bachelor in Business Leadership and Commerce, which addresses a demand for both soft and hard business skills.


Dr Louise Thornthwaite, who helped design the course, says students pass through a tight screening process.

''Many applicants have been prefects or school captains... people who show a commitment to doing things outside of their own circle,'' she says.

''They are people who have done those sorts of activities that show some kind of mind that takes them beyond the smaller world they might be living in.''

Thornthwaite says universities are trying to differentiate themselves by pairing different knowledge bases and skills in their degree programs.

''Competition will only increase [and] students are clearly looking for those sorts of options,'' she says.

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