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New Research Centre

The International Governance and Performance Research Centre

International Governance and Performance Research Centre

  Prof Philomena Leung, MQ and Mr Alex Malley, CEO, CPA

Post-GFC there has been some blame put on business schools and universities for failing to educate their students sufficiently on the importance of issues such as ethics, risk, audit, sustainability and corporate governance. This is how the idea for the The International Governance and Performance Research Centre (IGAP) was born.

Macquarie University approached CPA Australia with a proposal for a research grant for a new research centre within the Faculty of Business and Economics. This new research centre is an innovative initiative of Macquarie University which is actively taking a step towards improving research, knowledge and teaching of important issues to the next generation of finance, accounting and business students.

CPA Australia has committed a research grant to Macquarie University for three years to support the centre and will be heavily involved in the projects and research that takes place at the centre. The grant signifies both parties' commitment to effective corporate governance in research and practice.

Alex Malley, CEO of CPA Australia said they usually reserved their grants for the research of individual academics but the concept of supporting a whole research centre that will give a range of academics the opportunity to test their research academically and professionally, greatly interested them.

Mr Malley said that corporate governance is a global issue and the research that will take place in Macquarie University’s centre will open up opportunities for international relationships and collaboration, helping putting Australian academics on the map.

The International Governance and Performance Research Centre (IGAP) is a research platform for academics, the professions and business practitioners who are interested in the areas of corporate governance and performance, with particular emphasis for a global application. The IGAP Research Centre’s mission is to be a nationally and internationally recognised research hub in strengthening and supporting the  development of best practices in governance processes, reporting regimes and  management performance measurements, as informed by research.

For more information, please contact Professor Philomena Leung, Head of the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance at Macquarie University.

For media enquiries, contact Megan Nixon.