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Sze Rhui Ng

Master of Commerce (Actuarial) graduate

"I chose Master of Commerce because it was a fast track to getting an in-depth postgraduate degree that I desired. The course was extremely flexible as I could choose any business subjects. It was almost like creating my own degree! The subjects offered were more practical, encouraged critical thinking and communication skills and thus had better prepared me to join the workforce.

The Macquarie University community is very diverse in terms of culture, ethnicity, interest and background. My participation in the Investment Management and Banking Group and the Macquarie International Buddy Program allowed me to relate to people with similar interest and at the same time share differences in culture and background. Living in university accommodation throughout my courses has also given me the opportunity to make life-long friends from different parts of the world."

Click on the photo of Sze Rhui to the right to watch the video about her Macquarie experience.

Today Sze Rhui is working as an Analyst at Allianz Australia

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