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Elliot Palmer

Master of Commerce (Marketing)

Macquarie has one of the best and well renowned business schools in the country. It is highly respected among business professionals and offers students the opportunity to study under a range of both academics and industry professionals, allowing for a comprehensive collusion of technical skills and applied knowledge.

Ultimately I figured that I still didn't really know what I wanted to do as far as full time work goes, and there were a significant amount of benefits that I could see from doing a Masters degree. Initially I chose to do a Masters in Commerce with a double major – one in Economics and the other in Marketing. As it turned out I ended up dropping my Economics major and ended up focusing primarily on Marketing. This was because I could really see myself in the marketing industry and I wanted to pursue this direction as much as possible; in order to learn more about the industry and gain practical knowledge for the future.

So there is a significant amount that you can get out of a degree. Primarily, and I believe this would apply to most people; I wanted to be able to enter into the workforce at the end of it. However I wanted more than just the basics for this. I wanted to have access to practical applications of theory previously learnt; I wanted to develop my professional Network; and I wanted to develop soft skills such as communication and team building skills.

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to immerse myself within the University culture during my time at Macquarie University. I worked on campus at the Sport and Aquatic Centre for over four years, developing friendships and meeting a vast population of the student body. I competed in a variety of sports for the University, including the soccer and water-ski clubs, as well representing the University twice at Australian University Games where I was fortunate enough to come away with a Silver medal. As well as this I have developed professional opportunities across the time that I have been involved with the University that has served me well since graduation.

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