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Gilbert Vaillant

Master of Economics

"I have always aimed to do some good with my career, rather than just earn a living."

Postgraduate studies at Macquarie University kick started my career and has given me the chance to put the skills that I have learnt to use for the benefit of others. Since completing my Master of Economics at Macquarie I progressed to become a Senior Financial Analyst with the NSW Treasury, a highly regarded agency for government policy. My Masters taught me new skills, gave formal recognition to skills that I had developed at work and helped me to stand out from the crowd.

Postgraduate studies also gave me the freedom to take risks with my career and really pursue my dreams. I recently returned from a year working with the Red Cross in Kenya. My time as a Financial Advisor for a treatment program that helped improve the lives of 40,000 people living with HIV was truly amazing and exactly what I had been seeking in my career. I'm sure my Master of Economics put me ahead of the other applicants for the position. More importantly, it gave me the confidence that I could compete in the highly competitive world of International Development.

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