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Rob - Master of Commerce student

Photo of Rob PriceThere were a couple of main reasons why I chose Macquarie. Firstly, the university’s reputation in the business community is significant and employers are confident in the capabilities of Masters Graduates from Macquarie. Secondly, I knew the campus had an amazing reputation and top notch facilities that I was eager to use and enjoy. Finally, Macquarie has one of the best transport networks, with train bus and parking facilities helping students to get to and from the University.

I had studied an accounting degree in my bachelors and was looking for a Master’s programme with a discipline in Finance. The flexibility of the master’s programme at Macquarie allowed me to specialise in finance whilst also crossing to other areas of study that I was interested in, such as law. It also allowed me to travel overseas and broaden my cultural horizons with a three week programme in France.

As there is a variety of cultural groups studying the Master of Commerce, I have had the valuable opportunity of networking and building close friendships with a diverse range of friends. I value this highly and have broadened my own cultural awareness greatly through this experience.

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You can apply online now (applications no longer go through UAC)

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