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Stephen Ozvatic

Master of Economics

Working in the banking industry, I was looking for ways to broaden my career possibilities, but also get a deeper and more rigorous understanding of finance and economics, rather than just a superficial knowledge. For this purpose a Master's degree made sense to me, but which degree and which institution were the next questions.

I chose the Master of Economics. Economics is diverse and far-reaching, and it provides a fundamental perspective on many issues we encounter in everyday life. Should I buy or rent? Do I take the risk or insure myself? What is an object worth? On the other hand, I chose Macquarie University for a few reasons. Firstly, the faculty of business and economics, as well as MGSM and MAFC, is highly regarded and has an international presence. Secondly, their degree structure was still broad enough to allow me to study complementary disciplines, such as finance. Thirdly, Macquarie has the luxury of a train station on campus.

I focused my studies on financial economics. Coming from a math's background, I enjoyed evaluating and qualifying assets and being able to test ideas about relationships between assets and other variables. During this time, I also participated in the Global Leadership Program, which gave me new perspectives on leadership thinking and broadened my gaze upon the world. These studies gave me a wider perspective and an understanding of economics and finance, so that I would be able to confidently apply myself onto new career paths. But it has also been adaptable with changes in my career path. I was able to do a research project on bitcoin futures, and this convinced me that research is something I would like to explore further, leading me into a Master of Research, also here at Macquarie.

Macquarie has given me the opportunity to develop myself and allowed me to create my own path, so I can recommend Macquarie to anyone who is looking for this too.

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