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Marlous Teh

My experience at Macquarie has been amazing! One of the great things that I experienced is definitely the practical opportunities that are offered. Doing extra-curricular activities like the Global Leadership Program, Graduate Development Program, Buddy Program, following workshops and volunteering for organisations outside University have made an incredible and positive difference my learning experience to become a great leader and expert in my field of interests. This experience is invaluable as I have learned so much that I could not have learned by 'just' going to classes.

I enjoy being on campus a lot, because the vibe is great. All those students around come to study and it motivates me and makes me feel like I am part of this powerful institution where knowledge flows in and out and is there for you to grasp. All I have to do is to reach out to get it!

My classes have been good and diverse. I find the essay writing a challenge, yet, a very good experience to critically think and learn about global topics and to become more skilled in academic writing. My lecturers are very passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach. They are very helpful and are willing to give extra consultations outside class hours, which can be very useful. They create the opportunity to view things from different perspectives which allows you to become more open-minded and create your own opinion.

If you decided to come to Macquarie seize as many opportunities as you can, because it will make the most out of your university experience and more importantly, make the most out of yourself!

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