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Roy McBurney - Master of International Business

Roy McBurney - Entering 2nd Year as student of the Masters of International Business degree at Macquarie University.

Great Uncle Robert was well into his 80's when I started my first year of high school. "A little education goes a long way" was what he always told me. However, as a kid growing up in a village in Ireland I had limited career options and so, when the opportunity arose to attend an Australian University I jumped at it. After completing a Bachelor in Business I worked in the telecommunications industry for 18 years. I've entered Macquarie University Masters' Program as a mature age student studying part time whilst working full time. It was a big decision as it has been such a long period since my undergraduate study and work/family life can be hectic. But I always remembered my Uncle's advice.

Firstly I wanted to make an investment in my education but equally important was the need to prepare myself for the rapid pace of change in the global digital age. Macquarie University was an easy decision its Business and Economics faculty is highly regarded in the Asia Pacific region as a high standard offering of a broad range of degrees and the flexibility to self-pace many of the units of study as an external (online) student. A major drawcard for me was the 3rd semester option to help expedite my qualification for a degree. I also benefit from participation in assessed weekly online forum discussions, formal peer assisted learning sessions or lunch time tutorials, excellent quality of lecturers and I have gained valuable learnings from the vast international experience of many other external students in the class.

Originally I had concerns that undertaking this program of study would detract from my job performance but it has worked out that I'm readily applying the business topics learned to enhance my ability to think more strategically and, when I perform analysis on my employer's business as a case study topic for my latest project or assignment, I can then share the fruits of my labour with the leadership team in my office. My firm belief is that just having a line item in my LinkedIn profile stating commencement of a Macquarie Masters' degree, average grade status and planned completion date has given me noticeably more profile views and may have contributed to me recently receiving a job proposition from an HR professional in my industry.

The excitement of postgraduate orientation day still hasn't worn off and I wish to sincerely thank the administrative and teaching staff of the University for their support and re-igniting my passion for learning. And it is because of them that I'm confident the next half of my degree will be as equally fulfilling as my first.

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