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New domestic applicants

Applications made to our postgraduate courses are made online and are assessed by the University's Central Direct Admissions Team.

NB. Current and past Macquarie students should apply via eStudent.

Please limit your file sizes to 2 - 3MB for ease of uploading.

What you will need to apply:

conference more icon 1. Academic transcript of your previous tertiary studies

This is your completed academic qualification i.e bachelor degree.

If it does not state that you have met the requirements of the degree on your transcript, you must either provide the testamur awarded at graduation or a completion letter from the university.

We cannot accept results printed from the internet.

If you have completed a postgraduate degree you can submit documentary evidence of your qualification. If your qualification if not yet complete, you must provide an unofficial transcript from the university that shows your current enrolment details.

These include:

  • The course currently enrolled
  • Units competed with grades
  • Units you are currently enrolled in

You will be requested to provide your final grades and proof of course completion upon receiving a conditional offer. 

If your qualification was completed in a language other than English, you must provide a translated version of your transcripts and testamur or proof of course completion.

Documents in your native language must be translated professionally, and must arrive on the professional letterhead of the translator. You must also provide copies of the documents in your native language, included with your translated documents.

English more icon 2. Proof of English proficiency

This only applies if you do not hold a recognised qualification that was undertaken in English. You can find out if you meet our specified level of English proficiency here (PDF).

australian more icon 3. Proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residency

If you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen you must provide a certified copy of either your:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Citizenship Certificate

If you are a permanent Australian resident, you must provide your overseas passport or travel document which includes a valid Australian permanent residency visa. The University may verify your residency status with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

name more icon 4. Proof of name change

If the name you have specified on your application is different to any of the names specified on the documents you provide us, you must show proof of your previous or current name. This can be in the form of a marriage certificate, change of name certificate or statutory declaration.

professional more icon 5. Professional membership/qualification (optional)

If you hold a professional membership qualification, you may choose to provide this with your application. Such qualifications include Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Actuaries member i.e. Institute of Actuaries - FIAA, AIAA etc.

Apply Now - Postgraduate Direct ApplicationIt's free to apply!

NB. Current and past Macquarie students should apply via eStudent.

Please limit your file sizes to 2 - 3MB for ease of uploading.

More information

Applying for more than 1 course/degree

Find out how to apply for more than 1 course/degree.

Current and past Macquarie students

  • if you are a current or past Macquarie University student you do not have to provide the supporting documents.
  • current and past students need to Log in to eStudent and apply using the My Applications tab. Forgotten your Student ID?

International students

Applicants who are not Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents must apply through visit the Macquarie International website