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Mode of Study

The Master of International Business is a program that can be completed fully online, face-to-face, or blended i.e. studying a combination of online and face-to-face units . The online units of the Master of International Business can be grouped into external units and intensive mode units.

Advantages of studying online

External units

External units are online units delivered over 13 weeks. The learning outcomes, unit schedule, and assessment schedule normally follow that of the face-to-face equivalent.

Studying in an External unit

Studying online means you can complete the unit remotely by accessing content and interacting with activities and fellow students, and completing assessments via iLearn, the University's Learning Management System (LMS). All learning and teaching will be facilitated online via iLearn including unit administration, communications, delivery of activities and resources, assessment and feedback, and evaluation. The convenor's role is to facilitate the unit and support students' progress through the unit. It is the student's responsibility however to ensure they are keeping up and seeking support when needed. It is therefore essential for students to be motivated to work through the unit's content - participating in activities and accessing required resources. Participating fully by co-creating the online learning space and building an online community of practice will enable students to complete the unit successfully.

Which units are available for External study?

Any unit that is listed in the handbook as being offered externally is an online unit. Some may have on-campus sessions and/or synchronous webinars as part of the unit delivery which may be required. Refer to the unit guides for further unit information.

External (Intensive Mode) units

External (Intensive Mode) units are online units delivered over 5 weeks. The learning outcomes follow that of the face-to-face equivalent to maintain parity of unit credit awarded to students upon completion.  The unit schedule and assessment schedule will vary following principles of compressed curriculum. Some of these units may have required (or optional) sessions where you would either come on-campus or log into a webinar via iLearn. This information will be contained in the unit guide.

Studying in an External (Intensive Mode) unit

Like online units, intensive units are completed fully online. However it is the fast-paced unit delivery and assessment schedule that makes it an intensive experience. It is therefore essential for students to be prepared to start working in the unit from day one.

Which units are available for External (Intensive Mode) study?

In 2014 we offered BUS800, MKTG802, MKTG804, MKTG811, and MKTG814 in intensive mode. In 2015 there will be others available. Refer to the handbook for more information.

What are the technological requirements?

Access to broadband internet and web browser (Mozilla or Chrome is recommended) for accessing iLearn the University's LMS. Refer to the unit guide for more information on technology requirements specific to each unit.

Overview of External and External (Intensive Mode) units



External (Intensive Mode)


13 weeks

5 weeks




All communications are online via iLearn. Convenors will post announcements, have online conversations with students as well as facilitate communications amongst students using discussion forums.

Note. It is important to check the University email account regularly to ensure important messages and key milestones for the unit are noted.

Unit Administration

All unit content and administration will be delivered online.

Note. Results notification for External (Intensive Mode) units will be available during the University's notification period.

Activities & Resources

Activities: Most units consist of lecture, readings, discussion forum and one or more of self-study activities, case studies, simulations, project work, reflective activities, ensemble or individual performance or production, and lecturer support.


While there is no formal lecture for online units most units will have a video presentation covering the topic's content. Some units may have convenor led on-campus sessions and/or synchronous webinars scheduled.


Most units will have a reading list for each topic. References and/or reading materials will be available online.

Discussion Forum

Discussion forums are used for both summative and formative assessment as well as general discussion and support.

Resources: Online unit content is delivered and accessed by students via iLearn. The primary resources are lecture notes, links to articles and other online resources, assessment-related documents and other documents supporting delivery of the unit's content. Some other common online resources used in online units are listed below.

e-books, articles, search and/or internet resources, videos, podcasts, RSS feeds and other filtered information feeds, shared documents and wiki spaces, online databases and knowledge management systems,  learning/knowledge portals, personal knowledge management, documents, briefings, procedure manuals and technical manuals

Note. Delivery of External (Intensive Mode) units are fast-paced so it is essential to "hit the ground running" from day 1. Most units have assessments due in the first week.

Assessment & Feedback

Assessment: All assessments are submitted online via iLearn. Most units will consist of at least three and no more than four assessment tasks making up the assessment schedule.

Assessments can include assessed coursework, class participation, final exam, essay, class test, quiz, presentation, assignment, case study/report, or creative production. The assessment schedule for online units follows a similar design to its face-to-face equivalent.

Feedback: Feedback and results are provided online. Convenors will normally advise students when to expect assessments to be returned.

Note. Often, the first assessment will be due around week four for External units and week one for External (Intensive Mode) units. For more information on assessment refer to the unit guide.

Unit Evaluation

Unit and/or teaching evaluations may be conducted at the end of session.

Units Available in 2014

Core Units


Elective Units














Elective Units







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