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Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies

Research Students Projects

Student Thesis Title Principal Supervisor
Ao Lin
Dr Pitt David 
Brian Chu Development of a standard measure for Return-to-Work in Workers' Compensation Schemes Prof. Piet de Jong
Dennis Wellmann Efficient pricing of currency risk in emerging markets based on the difference in interest rate levels

Professor Stefan Trueck

Feng Liu Joint Model for Longitudinal and Event Data Analysis: Application in Credit Risk Assessment

Associate Professor Pitt David

Jinhui Zhang Numerical Methods for Pricing American Put Options with Regime Switching and Jump. Dr Thomas Purcal
Kai Zhang High frequency volatility in the Australian equity market. Dr De Mello Lurion 
Sami Aoude Risk Premiums and Derivative Pricing in Electricity Markets

Prof Stefan Trueck

Shauna Diane Ferris Dr Purcal Thomas 
Syazreen Shair Population Ageing and Health care Dr Thomas Purcal
Xinxin Shang Assoc Loudon Geoffrey 
Yunping Chen Why firms prefer higher level of liquidity? Assoc Geoffrey Loudon