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The National Disability Insurance Scheme Forum

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More than 180 people attended the NDIS forum where experts from three universities and other relevant organisations presented independent analysis and opinion on the costs and funding of the new NDIS, and the implications for service providers and people with disability.

Carers, representatives of disability groups, policy advisors and advocates were among those who were keen to hear the insights of academics and other high profile guest speakers at the event which sought to consider cost and funding issues associated with the NDIS.

  • Date: Wednesday 4th June, 2014
  • Venue: University of Sydney, Camperdown

The new National Disability Insurance Scheme is anticipated to provide support to over 400,000 Australians with disability, and will have a major impact on the Australian social and financial landscape. Active examination of the financial progress of the NDIS, and continuing policy development and reform, are essential so that the NDIS can achieve its potential.

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Speakers and panellists included:

Topics included:

  • Costs of the NDIS: What can we learn from recent actuarial and costing reports
  • Financing the NDIS: What we know after the 2014 Budget
  • Opportunities and challenges of the NDIS for service providers
  • Investing in people with disability

"What we can see in the quarterly scheme reports at this very early stage is that the number of participants, particularly low-cost participants, is lower than expected, and that current year costs for those joining the scheme in the first three quarters are within the funding allocation." A/Prof Leonie Tickle

"The Budget test comes after that period, when the NDIS is fully rolled out. So we need to examine the emerging experience, learn and adjust, but also keep the long term financing needs front of mind in coming years." Professor Richard Madden

Investing in people with disability:

Associate Professor Leonie Tickle
Peter Martin
Professor Richard Madden
Gordon Duff
Cain Beckett
Panel Discussion