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Session & Speaker
5.30pm - 5.35pm

Introduction and welcome
Prof Piet de Jong, Macquarie University

5.35pm - 5.50pm

Costs of the NDIS: Emerging scheme experience
A/Prof Leonie Tickle, Macquarie University

5.50pm - 6.05pm

The “I” in “NDIS”
Peter Martin, Australian Government Actuary and NDIS Reviewing Actuary

6.05pm - 6.20pm

Financing the NDIS: What we know after the 2014 Budget
Prof Richard Madden, University of Sydney

6.20pm - 6.35pm

Opportunities and challenges of the NDIS for service providers
Gordon Duff, Executive Officer, National Policy Research Unit, National Disability Services

6.35pm - 6.50pm

Investing in people with disability
Cain Beckett, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Chair of the Disability Council of NSW

6.50pm - 7.15pm

Panel discussion
Host: Prof Jim Butler, ANU 
Panel: Peter Martin, Richard Madden, Gordon Duff, Cain Beckett, Leonie Tickle

Note: Order of first three sessions yet to be determined