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Professor Hazel Bateman

University of NSW

Professor Hazel Bateman works in the School of Risk and Actuarial at the University of New South Wales, where she directs the Pension Fund Program and the Centre for Pensions and Superannuation.

Her publications include:

  • a co-authored book published by Cambridge University Press,
  • a book edited solely by her,
  • 26 book chapters, and
  • 29 refereed journal articles.
In recent years, Hazel has embarked on research into behavioural personal finance. This sub-field makes heavy use of controlled experiments, and promises to place superannuation research on a more scientific footing.

In 2013 she was one of two academics appointed to the Australian Government Superannuation Roundtable.

Professor Hazel Bateman's presentation

Download the slides from Associate Professor Hazel Batement's presentation (.pptx)