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Professor Michael Finke, CFP

Texas Tech University

Dr Michael Finke

Dr Michael Finke is renowned for his work on optimal retirement savings withdrawal strategies. Dr Finke attained his PhD in Finance from the University of Missouri to complement his PhD in Consumer Science from Ohio State University.

He was an Associate Professor at University of Missouri from 1999 through 2006, before taking up his current position at Texas Tech. Dr Finke's research interests include household investment and intertemporal choice, behavioural personal finance, agency costs of financial planning, retirement income planning, risk tolerance assessment, aggregate trends in household portfolio allocation

Dr Michael Finke's presentation

Download the slides from Dr Michael Finke's presentation (.pptx)


Doctoral seminars in:

  • financial planning research
  • research methods
  • household investment theory

Undergraduate and masters classes in:

  • risk management (3375)
  • investments (3376 and 5362)

Research Interests

  • Household investment and intertemporal choice
  • behavioural personal finance
  • agency costs of financial planning
  • retirement income planning
  • risk tolerance assessment
  • aggregate trends in household portfolio allocation


  • PhD in finance from the University of Missouri
  • PhD in consumer science from the Ohio State University
  • Assistant/associate professor at University of Missouri from 1999 through 2006
  • Associate professor at Texas Tech 2006-present
  • Obtained CFP® in 2006


  • 2013 Investment Advisor IA25
  • 2012 Investment News Power 20
  • 2011 Academic Thought Leadership Award, Retirement Management Journal
  • 2010 Winner, iOMe National Retirement Challenge
  • Faculty Advisor 2010 Best Paper Award, Academy of Financial Services
  • 2008 Distinguished Research Award, College of Human Sciences
  • 2007 Teacher of the Year Award, Texas Tech Personal Financial Planning Association
  • 2006 Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education Outstanding Journal Article award
  • 2005 American Council on Consumer Interests CFP Board Financial Planning Research Award

Recent Publications

  • Finke, M.S. 2013. Financial advice: Does it make a difference? In O.S. Mitchell and K. Smetters, eds., The Market for Retirement Financial Advice. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  • Finke, M.S. and Huston, S.J. 2013. Time preference and the importance of saving for retirement. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 89, 23-34.
  • Finke, M.S., Pfau, W., and Blanchett, D. 2013. The 4 percent rule is not safe in a low-yield world, Journal of Financial Planning, forthcoming.
  • Finke, M.S. and Huston, S.J. 2013. Financial literacy and education. In H.K. Baker and V. Ricciardi, eds., Investor Behavior – The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing.
  • John Wiley & Sons., Gibson, P.S. and Finke, M.S. 2013. Do mutual funds marketed to African American investors extract excess rent?, Journal of Index Investing, forthcoming.
  • Scott, J. and Finke, M.S. 2013. The demand for disability insurance, Financial Services Review, forthcoming.
  • Dean, L. and Finke, M.S. 2012. Compensation and client wealth among U.S. investment advisors, Financial Services Review, 21(2), 81-94.
  • Finke, M.S. and Langdon, T. 2012. The impact of the broker-dealer fiduciary standard on financial advice, Journal of Financial Planning, 25(7), 28-37.
  • Belasco, E., Finke, M.S. and Nanigian, D. 2012. The impact of passive investing on corporate valuations, Managerial Finance, 38(11), 1067-1084.