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Department of Economics



During 2015 the researchers interviewed over 25 senior executives from a range of trade and education publishers including major multinationals, independent publishers, experimental literary publishers, scholarly presses and more.

These interviews were developed as case studies of of innovative publishers, with a broad definition of 'innovation' that encompasses new business models, products and services; marketing and distribution initiatives; new forms of interaction with consumers; creative forms of writing and publishing; and technical innovation.

These case studies were released in a research paper in February 2016. The report is called Disruption and Innovation in the Australian Book Industry and is downloadable from our research homepage.

A later stage of the research will draw together the findings to theorise the ways in which book publishers contribute economic, social and cultural value.


How did you select publishers for the case studies?

We contacted the Australian Publishers Association and the Small Press Network to ask for recommendations. We also received word of mouth recommendations. Note that we were not able to prepare case studies on all the existing innovative publishers in Australia! We chose a selection that demonstrate a range of strategies and innovations.

What was the timing for conducting case studies?

We conducted interviews during February - December 2015.

How will your findings be made available to the industry?

In addition to the report we plan to make our findings available through articles in trade journals and presentations at selected industry events. Contact us if you are interested in receiving updates.