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Department of Economics



The final component of our study investigates readers.

Australia has long prided itself as a reading nation. This part of the study surveys a nationally representative sample of Australians to ask them how they value the contribution books and book publishing have made to their own lives and Australian society in the broadest possible sense.

Whether or not people choose to read particular kinds of books, they may value the fact that a viable Australian publishing industry produces them. These values may be due to a bequest value for future generations; option value, to consume at a later date; altruism; and other benefits.

The study will examine a range of issues including:

  • willingness to pay for printed books and e-books and reasons why;
  • participants' awareness of the Australian book publishing industry and links made (if any) with their valuations accorded to books and book reading; and,
  • new forms of value being created in the digital environment for book readers.


What is the timing for the study of readers?

We will conduct the survey of readers in early 2016.

How will the readers be selected for the survey?

We are interested in the views of book readers and non-readers in this survey. As a result, the respondents will be randomly selected and recruited by a professional market research agency.

How will the results be made available to the industry?

We will provide summary findings to industry trade journals and be available to present the results at selected industry events.