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Department of Economics

PhD Projects

  • Showcasing the project: The "Earning on Country" stall at the 2014 Garma Expo at the Gulkula site in East Arnhem Land
  • Interviewing in Yirrkala: the "Earning on Country" project engaged Yolngu interpreters to assist respondents in East Arnhem Land during survey interviews.

Cultural capital: At the crossroads of culture and economics (Onur Ates, 2008-2013)

Cultural value and books in public debate in Australia 2003-2008 (Jan Zwar, 2009-2013)

Aesthetic taste and consumer demand for cultural goods: An application to theatre (Anita Zednik, 2007-2014)

Effects of international trade liberalisation on cultural diversity: National vs. global (Sunny Shin, 2011-2015)

Social capital, cultural capital and community well-being (Nick Vanderkooi, 2014-2019)

Structural change in the book industry (Paul Crosby, 2014-2017)