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Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

About the Book

Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson Mark Hutchinson is an Australian intellectual historian who graduated from the University of NSW (1989). He has published widely in the history of Australian higher education (including, with Bruce Mansfield, Liberality of Opportunity: A History of Macquarie University 1964-1989, 1992; and A University of the People: A History of the University of Western Sydney, 2012). He has taught and run research programs at the University of NSW (1986-1988), Macquarie University (1991-1999) and Alphacrucis College (2000-2010). Mark was Assistant Director of the Currents in World Christianity Project, Cambridge University, 1998-2001, and from 2011-2012 University Historian at the University of Western Sydney. The author and/or editor of 11 books and over 90 research papers, Mark has been a prolific contributor to conferences, research projects and media. He is a Core Member of the Religion and Society Research Centre at UWS, and currently Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Innovation at The Scots College, Bellevue Hill.

Karen Handley

Karen Handley Karen Handley completed her PhD in Accounting at Macquarie University in 2013. Karen also holds an Honours degree in Computer Science from Rhodes University (South Africa) and an MBA from the University of Cape Town (South Africa). She was awarded academic honours from Rhodes University and the Gold Medal for her MBA. Karen has taught at Macquarie University, the University of Newcastle and the University of Victoria (Canada) in financial accounting, personal financial planning and retail management. Prior employment includes project management of software development projects for mining and retail companies, and small business ownership. She is currently employed as a Research Fellow in the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance at Macquarie University.


The Macquarie University Accounting Department that I first knew as a student is very different to the one to which I later returned as a staff member, and different again to the one I served as a member of the Departmental Advisory Board. It is vastly larger and much more diverse than the relatively small Department in a bushland suburban university that I first attended. Education is now a business like any other, and Accounting at Macquarie has adapted to the significant changes in the place of education in the national economy. It is an adaptation that has had its twists and turns, its human dramas and its questions of high ethical importance. The tensions over resourcing, quality, the Department's place within the larger university, and as a citizen of a much broader discipline developing at a great pace across Australia and the region—all of these are the makings of a great story. It is also, however, a story about the emergence of a new discipline, participating in the development of the knowledge economy, amid some of the most transformational moments in Australian history.

I welcome its telling in this book by Mark Hutchinson and Karen Handley as a contribution to understanding how, not just the Department and the University, but also how we as people and as a society, became different to what we were. It is, in part, my own story. I trust that you will also find in it something of yours.

Catherine Livingstone, AO
BA (Hons), Hon DBus (Macquarie),
Hon DSc (Murdoch), FCA, FTSE, FAICD, FAA
President, Business Council of Australia

Table of Contents


  1. Moving Frames: Beginnings to 1974
  2. Between Melbourne and Minnesota: 1975–1979
  3. Time to Push: 1980–1984
  4. Small Stones, Dark Days and Light: 1985–1993
  5. Words and Music: 1993–2003
  6. A Peacemaker in a Time of War: 2003–2009
  7. "You Have to Change" … Pushing the Boundaries: 2009–2014
  8. Carrying Forward …

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